MEMBERS AREAPrivate access to excess inventories,
cancelled orders & preorders

and Luxury Fashion Brands

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MEMBERS AREAPrivate access to excess inventories,
cancelled orders & preorders

and Luxury Fashion Brands

The (secret) link to Premium


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Inspected, Authentic & Authorized Merchandise

Direct distribution

Tracked Logistics & Custom Clearance from Supplier to Client Warehouses

Who is Fairplay

Fairplay International Group is a global distributor of branded premium and luxury fashion. Fairplay is a B2B Link. We specialize in safe, swift and seamless distribution from the Seller’s warehouse to the Buyer’s warehouse.

With over thirty years of experience, Fairplay has developed reliable and durable relationships with authorized fashion brand owners, brand distributors, stock owners and other B2B partners.

Fairplay offers excess branded inventories, cancelled orders and preorders from the world’s leading international premium and luxury brands as well as intriguing and unique new brands.

Safe, Smart & Swift

All due diligence papers are inspected and certified before each trade. Due diligence papers include the traceability of invoices to the brand, the distributor’s licensee contract, the authorization for sales and brand release letters.

Each Seller’s company is inspected to ensure that the company is legally and financially healthy.
Currently, we represent over 120 internationally recognized brands.

Our product categories include:

  • Apparel: Premium & Luxury Fashion for Men, Women & Children
  • Footwear: Classic, Sports, Casual Shoes
  • Accessories: Handbags, Leather Goods, Watches

When requested by our Buyers, Fairplay organizes SGS inspections in our Seller’s warehouses.

We also organize logistics when Buyers’ request assistance to ensure swift and safe delivery.

      About Us

      Our Team is composed of fashion industry professionals
      working in four continents.

      Fairplay strictly honors international regulations of industrial property in an active fight against counterfeit merchandise and scammers. All application forms submitted to the company are validated before any trade is initiated.

      We value honesty and transparent professional procedures.

      We choose both our Sellers and Buyers who value the same.

      Our enterprise with its strict process links Buyers and Sellers in all parts of the world while encouraging and abiding to a logical redistribution of fashion branded merchandise to lower unnecessary CO2 emissions whenever possible.

      Our global technological platform and strict process links Clients and Suppliers in all parts of the world while encouraging and abiding to a logical redistribution of  fashion.

      Simple, transparent and with environmental preservation in the lead, Fairplay selects its Sellers and Buyers and guarantees excellent professional assistance in each and every trade.

      • Merchandise

        We specialize in the selling and buying of excess inventory, cancelled orders and pre orders of premium and luxury branded apparels, footwear and accessories.

        The merchandise is from the brands, official distributors, chain stores, boutiques and stock owners who prove they have authorization to sell the merchandise.

      • Discount

        Our discounts range from 65% to 90% off the Brand’s official Retail Price. Preorders are proposed at the official wholesale price with a Fairplay commission of 5% or less depending upon the sum ordered.

      • Logistics & third party inspections

        Fairplay can organize within 48 hours a complete estimate to safely transport merchandise to the Buyer’s final warehouse.

        These estimates include prices in any currency and all Customs and insurance fees to ensure a safe and swift delivery.

        Fairplay partners with SGS and can organize thorough inspections for Buyer’s who cannot inspect the merchandise they wish to purchase.

      • Wild Bees, Insects, Bats & Birds

        We donate part of our benefits to non-profit organizations striving to preserve the wild pollinators in Europe currently being eradicated by pesticides.

      Our History

      Fairplay started as a simple French “fashion service” in 1989 when we opened our first 1,000 square meter outlet space called Espace Voltaire which successfully organized luxury and premium private outlet sales 32 weeks a year with one brand per week until 2007.

      On the 2nd of January 2005, Fairplay founded its first digital company in Pantin-Paris, France.
      Over twenty-five years later, Fairplay has grown to become an international enterprise servicing Sellers and Buyers working in the premium and luxury brands industry.

      In the past two decades, Fairplay has successfully linked, transacted, delivered and received both Seller and Buyer approval for its services in five continents.

      Fairplay’s accomplished projects include moving branded textile stocks from a Supplier’s warehouse in Limoges, France to a Client’s outlet stores’ warehouse in Dublin, Ireland; from a Supplier’s suburban warehouse in Rome to a Client’s on-line shop’s warehouse in Johannesburg; from a Supplier’s warehouse near Hamburg, Germany to a Client’s warehouse space in the Customs free zone in Jebel Ali, Dubai etc.

      Branded fashion trade is not just about “selling” stocks and making “cash”; this trade is about a clear export-import process which the Fairplay Team keeps developing and ameliorating everyday thanks to our ever-evolving computer technology and a close surveillance of geo-politics.

      Today, the Fairplay team has evolved internationally to link SELLERS to BUYERS with boutiques, outlet stores, chain stores and all on-line shopping store.

      The Fairplay’s Team Manager is called Time and the team’s cultivated, meticulous skills and knowledge in and of this distribution industry has enabled us to better understand our important role in our fast-paced evolving world.