and luxury brands

The (secret) link to premium

Fashion Partners

We accompany Premium and Luxury brands to sell their excess inventory to businesses worldwide.


Official merchandise authorized for sales in a global march against counterfeit goods.

Direct distribution

Merchandise delivered directly from the Supplier’s warehouse to the Client’s warehouse.

Safe, smart & swift

Fairplay International Group is a global distributor of premium and luxury brands. We specialize in warehouse to warehouse delivery.

With over thirty years’ experience, Fairplay has developed reliable and durable relationships with European and American brand and stock owners.

The purpose and goal of Fairplay is to successfully deliver to brick and mortar and websites worldwide excess inventory of European and American brands while respecting all authentication and authorization standards.

Currently, Fairplay represents over 200 internationally recognized brands.

Our product categories include:

  • Apparel: Premium and Luxury fashion for men, women and children

  • Footwear: Fashion and sports shoes

  • Accessories: handbags, leather goods, watches, fragrances, jewelry.

About Us

The Fairplay Team is composed of fashion industry professionals
working in five continents.

We respects the brands distribution requests and contributes to the eradication of counterfeit merchandise.

We value honesty and transparent professional procedures.

Fairplay caters to our Client’s brand merchandise wishes whether it be an athletic brand, popular brand or luxury brand merchandise the Fairplay team respects the perimeters of the inventions, patents and trademarks’ also known as the industrial property rights which are meticulously monitored today.

Fairplay’s global technological platform and strict process links clients and suppliers in all parts of the world while encouraging and abiding to a logical redistribution of excess textile and accessories inventory
from point A to point B.

Simple, transparent and with environmental preservation in lead, Fairplay selects its Suppliers and Clients with the guarantee to present affordable, secured and often secret merchandise which is best suited
for their profitable results.

  • Merchandise

    Fairplay specializes in the selling and buying of excess inventory of branded apparels, footwear and accessories.

    The merchandise is from the brands, official distributors, chain stores, boutiques and stock owners. All merchandise includes a complete papertrail.

  • Discount

    The merchandise that we propose is from previous seasons, can be purchase order cancellations, or simply excess inventory which never was placed in any sales point. Discounts range from 65% to 90% off the official branded Retail Price.

  • Logistics

    We can organize within a few hours a complete estimate to safely transport merchandise to the final warehouse. The estimate includes prices in any currency and all Customs and insurance fees to ensure a safe and swift delivery.

  • Bumblebees

    Fairplay donates part of its benefits to French and German non-profit organisations striving to preserve the bumblebee population in Europe currently being eradicated by pesticides.