If you don’t purchase vehicle parking, you will be ticketed

If you don’t purchase vehicle parking, you will be ticketed

Vehicle parking is obtainable down the street from RiverEdge Park within the Aurora transport Center/Metra Parking Lot located at 233 N. Broadway, 60505. Area is restricted. RiverEdge playground plus the City of Aurora aren’t accountable for problems for autos in ATC parking lot. Problem vehicle parking is also obtainable in this great deal. To pay for vehicle parking, utilize among the pay channels found nearby the entrances on Metra section and on the north side of the good deal nearby the post-office. Wages stations accept funds (specific change best) or credit score rating. Vehicle parking attendants won’t be on duty within this whole lot.

ATC whole lot admission & Exit: go into the ATC parking lot in the stoplight around the postoffice. When leaving the parking lot, be sure to use 1 of 2 exits: 1) North on path 25 (stoplight close to the postoffice). When leaving north, you should get north on course 25. No turning remaining on path BetVictor casino 25 from the north leave. 2) South on Route 25 (leave nearby the place building). Whenever leaving south, you have to run south on path 25. No flipping close to path 25 from the south escape.

Bridge access: 100 % free parking is obtainable from the west area of the river at whole lot W, 309 North lake Street. Clients can go into the playground via the newer pedestrian link. Connection prepared for ticketed patrons only on performance evenings. Screening stations are install from the entry points on the bridge in the west side. VIEW VIDEO CLIP


  • ATC Metra Good Deal: Region 3404

Aurora transport middle eastern parking area a€“ rates differs

Vehicle parking is also offered at the ATC whole lot regarding eastern side of the tracks off Lincoln method (see map). After youa€™ve left and settled, make use of the canal under the records to help make your way to RiverEdge playground. There’s a lot of a lot more parking solutions that may be entirely on this parking chart and target checklist.



An innovative new whole lot can be acquired for ADA vehicle parking, which include tennis cart transportation to Gate 1 for folks who require it. The lot is located at 448 North Broadway, which is the towna€™s CSO Building, placed only north of RiverEdge playground on a single side of the road. The entry to the great deal can be found in the north end on the CSO house, next to the Garbe Iron Functions parking area. Discover 20 ADA spots obtainable in this good deal. Patrons need either an existing ADA placard or licenses plate to park truth be told there. Special adapted tennis carts a€” for those with restricted flexibility and hands-on wheelchairs a€” shall be shuttling from this good deal to Gate 1 and straight back with this tv show. Gate 1 will have an ADA entrances with this tv series. The carts can meet 3 guests and 1 hands-on wheelchair per cart. This area may also be used as a drop-off place for those with minimal freedom and who require transportation on the Park. Services will begin 1 hour just before entrance opening. You will find 16 further ADA parking spot available at the north end (nearest towards the post-office) from the ATC Metra lot, situated across from RiverEdge. All eligible cars must have an ADA placard or licenses plate. Even when the digital register side from the good deal states full, if you have an ADA car, please check out the parking lot access. You will find area for you personally. CRUCIAL: There’s no shuttle provider through the ATC Metra great deal to your playground.


You’ll find ADA entrances found at Gate 1 (the actual north-end of this Park) and Gate 2 a€” the main entrance utilizing the pillars. You will see the selected signage over the way. ADA clients may beaccompanied by doing three friends max through the ADA access.


Only those that require ADA support may use the ADA sitting area. Please relate to the specific event page to see availability, cost and if it is a general entry tv series or reserved seats show. Because of room limitations, ADA patrons are allowed one partner to sit down using them throughout the program. The ADA systems utilize padded folding seats just (in added to wheelchairs) on these markets. Due to the space limits, no case seats and other kinds of furniture are allowed here.


ADA Details



Another great deal can be acquired for ADA parking, including tennis cart transportation to Gate 1 for those who want it. The whole lot can be found at 448 North Broadway, which is the urban areaa€™s CSO Building, set only north of RiverEdge Park for a passing fancy region of the street. The access for this lot is positioned throughout the north-end with the CSO residential property, beside the Garbe Iron work parking area. You’ll find 20 ADA spots in this good deal. Clients should have both a present ADA placard or licenses plate to park indeed there. Unique adapted tennis carts a€” for those with limited movement and handbook wheelchairs a€” are going to be shuttling using this lot to Gate 1 and right back for this show. Entrance 1 need an ADA access because of this show. The carts can provide 3 individuals and 1 manual wheelchair per cart. This place might also be utilized as a drop-off venue for anyone with limited freedom and who want transportation for the Park. Services will start 1 hour before gates beginning. You can find 16 additional ADA parking areas offered by the north-end (nearest to the post-office) from the ATC Metra whole lot, positioned across from RiverEdge. All qualified cars need to have an ADA placard or permit dish. Even when the electronic check in front of this lot states full, when you have an ADA vehicle, be sure to proceed to the parking area entrances. There will be area available. SIGNIFICANT: There’s no shuttle service from ATC Metra good deal on playground.


Discover ADA gates located at door 1 (the actual north-end on the playground) and entrance 2 a€” the primary entry making use of the pillars. You will see the selected signage above the way. ADA clients may beaccompanied by as much as three companions optimal through ADA entrance.


Solely those that want ADA assistance can use the ADA seats point. Kindly relate to the particular event webpage to look at access, rates and whether or not it’s a broad entrance show or reserved seats program. Because area limits, ADA patrons are permitted one companion to sit with them on the program. The ADA networks incorporate cushioned foldable seats best (in extra to wheelchairs) during these avenues. Because of the area limits, no bag furniture or other types of furniture are permitted in this region.

Food Selection

Refreshments are for sale to order inside RiverEdge Park. Outside food is also welcome in Park.

Edibles & Colder Coverage

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