So she charges in to the toilet, purchasing Hoon Dong to open up the doorway.

So she charges in to the toilet, purchasing Hoon Dong to open up the doorway.

Gi Tae, which attempts to end the woman, gets strike from the nostrils. Ha, the guy legit damage now.

Hoon Dong forget about the doorway, but when she yanks they open, she views him cowering near the toilet bowl in fear. That after she sobers upwards, and realises that she adored him by herself, unrequitedly, all of these whilst.

We cut to the police station, where in fact the police is actually interrogating the lady on her behalf stalking. She nonetheless tipsy as she suggestions that she didnt know Hoon Dong didnt like her. She continuously disrupted by a drunk ajusshi, just who ranting incomprehensibly. Whenever she asks the reason why he here, law enforcement replies which he is drunkenly molesting more workplace staff members during meal. Ha, mirrors.

Now Jang Mi draws a parallel between by herself additionally the ajusshi, and she breaks down in realisation (I am a stalker. ). HA. How adorable. Then again she insists that Hoon Dong mother did receive this lady into the lady house. She all whodunnit? that it’s funny.

We have Gi Tae bath world (A Nah. It a bathtub.). He considers Jang Mi, and then we read some analepsis, for he tried to help her within authorities place. He begs law enforcement to let their off leniently, even proclaiming that the nostrils wound is him inadvertently injuring himself.

Their bathtime was interrupted as a house broker comes to exhibit the flat to two ladies. One clearly eyeing him with glee. Ha.

Mommy in fact taken his book deposit, although he foretells their, the guy realises that she the one who invited Jang Mi for their household. Yes! Finally.

So were back again to our very first world, nevertheless now we come across Gi Tae outlining. He succinctly describes that Hoon Dong never rejected her initial, but always vanishes and also experimented with a text content separation. But the judge dismisses almost everything, and doesnt love the stalking. Ha. The guy probably viewed sufficient each day. But she nevertheless accountable for this lady drunken healthy at French Restaurant, therefore he fines the lady 50000 obtained.

As she actually leaves the legal, she wonders how she can like again after this union. She views the person of this lady existence Gi Tae though, and then he invites the lady to his household, now advising the woman that she got invited by their mama. Ooh.


Therefore showtime!

The majority of this event addresses Jang Mi stalking issue, but perspective away, In my opinion weve got all of our characterisation put.

Jang Mi our romantic, she hell-bent on acquiring their prefer. It really is an admirable trait, but she additionally exasperatingly thick. This probably makes up about this occurrence 1 hour length, if it would have been 1 minute if she wasnt dense. Yet, and I also place yet right here because it is really important, she an interesting figure because she dense. Jang Mi maybe not stupid, she doesnt carry out logic-defying things. But because she couldnt bring their lame rejections, she seemed to be irrational.

Having said that, we’ve Gi Tae. The guy sharp, he abrasive, and even more importantly, the guy gets issues. The guy acute. But the guy furthermore an enchanting. Think about it, he sympathises with these woman even during tub opportunity? She must consider a large number on his brain. So theyre perhaps not polar opposites all things considered. And they’ve got remarkable chemistry in addition, Han Groo and Yeon Woo Jin.

Then there Hoon Dong. Aw. Little Boy. He a person without much brains, yet Jang Mi flashbacks have demostrated that he enjoys center. He only hasnt located one that bring that heart of their out on their arm. Blondie (as D1 phone calls him), Ill be looking forward to your own redemption, aye?

Matrimony, perhaps not Dating has received a greatly winning first event. Leave merely wish that itll be that lovable cutesy yet tinged thereupon proper amount of disputes sorts of crisis. You are, best, program?

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